Penny Nicholls

Louise O’Keefe
September 21, 2015
Dorothy Willingham
March 6, 2017

Mary B. (Penny) Nicholls is a “seasoned” Occupational Health Nurse Case Manager who has worked in many industries in Alabama. She has worked to improve the relationship between Occupational Health Nurses and Safety representatives throuhout her career as she understands what each brings to the table to benefit employee safety and health in the workplace. Penny Nicholls   works as a Disability Managemetn Consultant at Alabama Power Company where she provides Case management for employees who are injured on the job and where the goal is to insure that injured workers are provided the best care at the appropriate level to insure good outcomes from their injuries. Her prior experiences in otherindustries provide her with many years of diverse   Occupational Nursing experience and has increased her knowledge of Occupational Nursing and Case Management which results her passion for Occupational Health Nursing as an integral part of any Safety & Health program to insure safety and well being of employees.

Penny Nicholls graduated from the Holy Name of Jesus Hospital School of Nursing and obrtained a BS Degree from the College of St. Francis.   She has over 30 years of Occupational Health Nursing experience.