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2017 CAAOHN Annual Conference: “Current Best Practice Trends for Occupational Health Nurses”
March 6, 2017

Dear CAAOHN Members,

Our chapter has had a great year—we’ve proven once more that the success of an organization comes not from its size, but from its members. In this bulletin I’ll review some of our accomplishments and share some of our plans for the upcoming year.

Our Spring Program in Huntsville was quite a success! It was titled, “Community Resources for the Workers in the Occupational Health Setting”. It was Chock-full of important information, and great lessons were learned all throughout the day to last a lifetime! We received an 80% “excellent” rating from the feedback surveys, and want to thank all who helped make this program such a success (Louise O’Keefe, Pam Carver, Jennan Phillips, Stephanie Hammond, Jennifer Lindley, Candy Falls and Paulisha Holt & Laura Wilson from the DSC). Also, many thanks go to those who participated in the great event! Plans for the next presentation will be in the spring, and the DSC has agreed to partner up with us again. More details to come!

Another exciting thing we’ve been working on is overhauling our CAAOHN website. Garry Craig from UAB is updating our current website by implementing a CMS (content management system) that will give us the ability to make simple textual changes ourselves, much like a word processor. Too, we are coming up with a new CAAOHN logo! With the help of Garry, we’ll be presenting five or so logos for you to vote on, which will make it part of our webpage structure. We should be sending logos out to vote on within the next 2 weeks.

I know that participation has been one of our weakest links, as we are ALL so busy with our families, work, school, etc. I get it! One of the things Pam and I have been looking into is creating webinars for our chapter, and we recently participated in a webinar titled, “How to Engage and Captivate Your Virtual Audience”.  It gave us great ideas of how we can all participate in our meetings, and perhaps take less time away from our other obligations. It still doesn’t replace having a live audience for our meetings though, and we’ve drastically reduced our on-site meetings to one general meeting per year. We look forward to seeing you all in October!!!

It’s hard to believe two years has almost passed serving as president of CAAOHN, and it has been an honor and privilege being part of the leadership with this great organization. There is opportunity for you all to help serve this great chapter, and I want you to give serious thought in becoming involved in keeping the organization a success. We’ve worked hard to try and keep demand time to a minimum. These are the positions both defined and open for the upcoming year:

  1. Positions defined for 2016:

President – Pam Carver, MSN, ANP-BC

Treasurer – Stephanie Hammond, MSN, ANP-BC

Director – Candace Falls, RN, COHN-S

Nominating Committee – Jennan Phillips, PhD, RN


  1. Open positions for 2016:



Nominating Committee (1 member)


We have an amazing and talented group of officers and committee members, and we have enjoyed sharing our strengths and insight with you all. We also have an intelligent, experienced, diverse, and enthusiastic group of CAAOHN members, and we want to learn from you! However, in order for that to happen, we need you all to get involved!! Please use this time to seriously think about how you can add to the diversity of this talented group of occupational health nurses.

With much appreciation in allowing me to serve you,

Susan Kurre, MSN, RN

CAAOHN President


Please note our next chapter meeting will be Oct. 13 at 6:00pm at Jim N Nicks, Gardendale. We have a great program planned, and will give more details in our upcoming newsletter. We hope to see you all there!!!